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Optimum Development, Developing the skills and knowledge of your employees.

Programs For Your Talent

We help your teams grow.

Communication Skills for Success

Being an effective communicator requires the ability to listen actively, to pause when you would rather speak. It involves thinking about not only word choice, but tone and body language. As employees, it requires thought into how to make requests to your manager, and your peers, and how to say, “no.” This lively and interactive workshop introduces techniques that lead to successful interactions with all levels of an organization. ​

Exceeding Customers’ Expectations

Regardless of the type of business, customers have the same expectations. They want you to listen to them, respect them, and see their needs as important. Through demonstrations of excellent customer service and feedback from others, participants leave with a comfort level of how to serve customers, so they exceed their expectations every time.

Presenting with Confidence

It is not only what you say, but how you say it. Presenting information involves delivering accurate information. Major components of message delivery also include what the audience hears and sees during a presentation. In this powerful hands-on workshop, participants learn how to incorporate visual, vocal, and verbal aspects into presentations so that the audience remains engaged and receives the desired message clearly and concisely.

Team Building

We build teams who recognize differences and work with them. Optimum Development works with new teams to help them identify how they can successfully work together, as well as intact teams encountering obstacles to effectiveness. Team members learn about individual work styles and the most effective path to success for their team. The facilitator may administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ to help the team identify their individual strengths.

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